Englicious Carecoustic 2012 – Act Our Concern: One Spill for Another Life

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Nowadays, there are many people start to pretend that they love others by just speak up, share sad stories on social network or whatever it is, or even just watch and cry at some reality shows to make themselves looked sympathy. However, seems like the need people out there don’t  need that. They need the action to help, to care. They don’t need us to watch them crying and dying like babies. They need our hands. Due to that, IKMI FIB UI presents a blood donation and acoustic charity event, called Englicious Carecoustic.

Based on the history, Ikatan Kekeluargaan Mahasiswa Sastra Inggris (IKMI) FIB UI had annually held blood donation and music charity event since 2004. However, in 2010, the event was finally named Englicious Carecoustic and firstly launched successfully. Since then, it became an important program in IKMI’s work timeline. The general and important mission to focus for this event is to share life and love to others by acts. Here in Englicious Carecoustic, we try to complete the mission by inviting people to do blood donate and buy the acoustic show ticket. Carrying the tagline “Act Our Concern: One Spill for Another Life”, Englicious Carecoustic represents the willing of us to persuade people to act our role to help others. By donating a pint, the fact says that we can save almost three lives. So one spill really do help another life.

Englicious Carecoustic will be held on Monday, May 7th, 2012 at Building IX Auditorium, Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia, Kampus UI Depok. The blood donation service, which will start at 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., will be directly held by Palang Merah Indonesia. This service is free for entry, and each donator will get a free certificate, snack, and a Carecoustic ticket. Then, at 5 p.m., the Carecoustic night show will start. With the local favorite group, band, and singer: Soulvibe, Anda, and Wonderbra, Carecoustic will make your I-hate-Monday syndrome slightly dissolved by the acoustic guitar plays. By 5,000 rupiahs, not only you can have the huge night, but also you will contribute with us to help others, because half of the acoustic ticket sale will be allocated to the nearest orphanage.

For interesting offers, pre-sale tickets, and other additional information, please check our timeline on Twitter @Englicious2012, or simply ‘like’ our fanpage “Englicious CareCoustic” on Facebook. For further ask, just call 0856-9567-4737 with Ayu (Humas) or 0857-1129-1877 with Rizky (Teknis Acara).

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