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AIESEC University 3
“The fun way to learn foreign languages with native speaker teachers”

In this modern era of globalization, the world is rapidly turning into one huge connected community. Therefore, the importance of foreign language education is growing more and more each day. The knowledge of foreign language, especially among youth as the future generation, will enhance effective global communication and become an important asset for the youth that will be able to give them a competitive advantage in their future.

AIESEC University is a project based on exchange organized by AIESEC that will involve exchange participants from foreign countries. This project aims to provide several foreign language educations to students and raise awareness of the importance of foreign language education.

AIESEC University 3 will be held on June until July.There are 5 language classes that will be opened, they are English (Basic and
Intermediate), Spanish, French, Korean, and Mandarin. All of our teachers are foreigners that will teach various languages with cultural approach. The fee of this program is Rp 500.000,- (for English) and Rp 575.000,- (for non English), and its for 16 sessions (@2hours).

For more information :
Text to 08568020782 (Cyntha)
081213283371 (Gita)
or email :

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